Tamale fundraisers are the way to go!

School and church organizations have proven time and again that tamale fundraisers provide a great opportunity to raise money.

These fundraisers have become quite popular in and around the San Antonio area. We offer a variety of tamales for your group to choose from:

  • Regular Pork (traditional)
  • Jalapeño Pork (spicy)
  • Bean
  • Jalapeño Bean
  • Southwest Vegetarian (Corn, Red Bell Pepper, Cilantro, Black Beans)

1-74 dozen – $11.25/dozen*
75-999 dozen – $10.50/dozen*
1,000 or more dozen – $9.50/dozen*

*We also offer Chicken, Jalapeño Chicken, Jalapeño Cheese, Tomatillo Chicken & Cheese, Spicy Tomatillo Chicken & Cheese, Bean & Cheese, Jalapeno Bean & Cheese, and Sweet tamales for just $11.60/dozen. Prices subject to change.

We take great pride in providing a wonderful, fresh, and state-inspected product. All of our tamales are produced and cooked fresh daily at our factory headquarters located at 1330 Culebra Road in San Antonio, Texas.

Tamales are wrapped per dozen and labeled according to their style. The tamales can be taken either hot or cold. We are open daily, so please do not hesitate to come by and try our Delicious Tamales!

Anytime is the best time to kick off your Fundraising Frenzy, however, tamales can be enjoyed all year round.

For more information, please call us at 210-735-0275 or 1-800-TAMALE-1 (for out-of-town orders).

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